Want To Eat Buffet Style On Christmas? Here’s How To Do It!


Want To Eat Buffet Style On Christmas? Here’s How To Do It!

A traditional Christmas buffet menu is loaded with rich meats, savory flavors, and tasteful dishes that will keep your belly and your heart warm for days to come. Christmas meals should always be memorable, and when you serve your dinner buffet style, your friends and family won’t ever be able to forget it. If you’re getting ready to cook for a large group of people this season, here’s what a traditional Christmas buffet menu may look like.

Start With Appetizers

Appetizers are always the most popular items to start out with. You can enjoy a hearty portion of salmon bites, mini crab cakes, or even freshly-baked crostini topped with a variety of spreads and dips. Get creative this holiday season! People love tastes from the sea, as well as fresh breads and produce to start out with.

Have Plenty of Meal Options

Whether or not your guests eat meat, you’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of main course options to go around. Cook a rosemary chicken with offerings of mashed potatoes, vegetables, greens, and gravy on the side. A holiday turkey is always festive, and beef tri-tips will be consumed with joy. Be sure to add a couple of vegetarian options in there, like hearty rice and lentils. It’s sure to be filling!

Don’t Forget About Dessert!

Even if your family members are stuffed at this point, they won’t hesitate to pick up one or two items for dessert. This is where you can truly get creative. Peppermint pudding cups, chocolate fudge, Christmas brownies, and a huge assortment of cookies are always the go-to options. Guests will enjoy traditional peppermint bark and the occasional gingerbread man as well!

Let Your Spirit Soar This Holiday Season!

A traditional Christmas buffet menu may be different from restaurant to restaurant, but one thing remains the same: Joy. Each food item is prepared with the excitement and anticipation that comes with every holiday season, where guests are eager to taste their favorite winter flavors as they talk about what they want under the tree this year. Your delectable dishes and savory small bites will be the buzz of the town for a long time to come!